The fundamental question behind Konektio is: Why do projects fail so often? We believe there are common elements behind successful projects.

Projects are complex and require understanding complexity. Advice can only be effective if it is based on a holistic view. Connecting the dots is more important than perfecting any single dot. This belief led to Konektio.


To achieve a holistic point of view when we provide legal advice, we believe that breadth of experience is more important than depth of expertise. We believe that accepting that all decisions carry risks is required so that decisions can be made. And making no decisions is often the worst alternative.

No matter how brilliant your legal advice is, it is only effective if it is based on the reality of the project. To understand that reality requires admitting what you do not know – never easy for lawyers. It requires being humble and curious.


While most law firms say that they aim to work closely with their clients, we actually mean it. We prefer working at the client’s premises whenever feasible to ensure low barriers to exchange of information and rapid exchanges of ideas.

While law firms aim for perfection, we believe that too often perfect becomes the enemy of good. In some situations speed is more important than analysis. The critical part is identifying whether or not that is the case. We believe we are able to tell the difference.